VA eHMP (2015-2016)

The Veteran Affairs eHMP was a 3 stage project to renew the User Interface of the Electronic Health Record and Practitioner Workspace of the platform used by health practitioners at the VA facilities.

Project stages

  • Define a new visual language for the platform.
  • Adjust all UI components to new spec.
  • Adjust UX according to new UI components and develop new requirements

Team and Responsibilities

Mandatory guidelines

  • The application is medical software and must comply with HIPAA security rules.
  • Being the Veteran Affairs department a government agency, the software must be 100% 508 compliant.
  • The software is used in medical emergency situations, thus there must be all required information on screen without the need to scroll for a practitioner to be able to manipulate a patient and go through the relevant information at the same time.

The legacy system

My starting point


  • Make the application less heavy on the eyes as practitioners work 12 hour shifts watching it.
  • Expand the application to have a practitioner workspace.
  • Modify key app features to navigate quicker and in a safe manner (HIPAA Regulations).

Defining the renewed visuals

I was tasked me to lead the re-design of the platform interface. The time left to deliver the project was less than a year, so quality work and speed were a must. Here's the process followed:

  • Research UI Kits available on the internet
  • Pick one with features that could translate to medical software.
  • Develop the kit to cover our necessities.

The base kit

Applying the new visual language to the UI

This was the heviest lift for the entire team, as it needed to cover the entire application. It went on like this:

  • Creating an inventory of screens.
  • Applying global styles.
  • Creating an inventory of widgets.
  • Modifying widget look and feel.
  • Modifying some widget interactions to new patterns.
  • Applying changes to HTML, CSS and javaScript.
  • Exploring and creating new widget types.

Facelift and exploration samples

UX adjustments & new feature development

Aiming on the second version of the project, the team started to tackle new features requested by the users. The presentational layer teams (the trifecta) took on the re-development of some of the platform characteristics and the creation of new features. These were the most relevant ones:

  • Making the patient search and selection an instant feature while also taking care of patient safety rules.
  • Adding a Provider Workspace with daily outlook of practitioner tasks.
  • Adding workspace customization to cater to diverse health conditions.
  • Adding note taking, and ability to order tests, imagery and meds directly on the patient chart.

Feature evolution

1st Proposal

The system happy path and the respective interaction patterns

Feedback gathered

  • Although the color scheme is more pleasant there was still room to make it less heavy on the eyes.
  • Modify the Practitioner Workspace with requested features such as quick patient access, system tasks, patient journey progress indicators, clinical tasks and other platform shortcuts.
  • Enhancements on visual hierarchy of important patient information.

The final stretch

Final Proposal

The final look and feel of the plattform

A happy ending

All of the efforts invested on the eHMP project were applauded and cherished by our customer and our users. This effort ended up in the accreditation for the project re-compete to Accenture, which represented a contract for almost 300 million dollars.

Video Walkthrough

An 8 minute video showcasing some aspects of the project.

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